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Bring us your bi-peds!
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Bring us things the world has never seen!

Rigorous Animation starts with the articulated assemblies that make up your characters. We then map these skeletons to physics-based models that are used to generate high quality character motion.

This enables Rigorous to provide customers with high quality 3D character motion in less time.

Rigorous can start from scratch or we can retarget existing mocap and keyframe assets.

What we do...

Rigorous can start with your existing motion capture and keyframe assets.

How we do it...

Rigorous maps your characters to parameterized motion generation models.

What we deliver...

Rigorous provides an integrated set of pose data files that match your requirements.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Motion generation is the creation of pose data for 3D character motion through parameterized inputs to software. Rigorous makes use of Xarkin Software's motion generation service in order to create pose data. Xarkin provides models for particular articulated assemblies; biped, quadruped, etc.... These models define the physics for a given skeleton.

Rigorous can start with your existing characters either through single frame poses or through a motion sequence. The first step is for us to map your existing character's skeleton to an underlying motion generation model. This enables us to perform high quality animation work as we avoid the typical tweaking required to make motion natural. This will also allows us to re-target the motion to other characters. The run of a 5 foot 10 inch 200 lb character is not the same as a 6 foot 4 inch 220 lb character. Simply changing scale creates difficulties which require substantial tweaking in order to get to a mediocre result. The underlying motion generation software addresses this resulting in higher quality motion in less time.

First, we like to start with a call to better understand what it is you want to accomplish. If we think we aren't a good fit for this, we will tell you. Otherwise, we like to start with a small statement of work. This means that neither party has too large a commitment before seeing a deliverable or understanding the expectations. The initial engagement can start with a clean slate where characters are developed from scratch or we can start with an existing character to which we provide motion sequences. Though Rigorous is making use of motion generation software to create the deliverable, the deliverable we provide is the required pose data constituting the motion sequences. There is no requirement for our customers to make use of the same motion generation software though we can introduce this to them if they choose.